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Verveine - Herbs

Astringent & Anti-Inflammatory

Item No. FG-350002
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Myrtle Leaves - Herbs

Antiaging & Astringent

Item No. FG-350008
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Menthe Pouliot (Pennyroyal Leaves) - Herbs

Astringent & Antimicrobial

Item No. FG-350010
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Fleur D'Oranger - Herbs

Brightens & is Antioxidant

Item No. FG-350007
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Menthe Verte - Herbs

Antifungal & Antibacterial

Item No. FG-350005
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Thyme - Herbs

Antifungal & Antioxidant

Item No. FG-350006
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Sage - Herbs

Antioxidant & Antiseptic

Item No. FG-350001